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Leadership letter: A look back on my first anniversary

February 2023

With the holiday season behind us, it’s hard to believe we are looking back on another calendar year. As I celebrate my first anniversary with Gluskin Sheff, I’m pleased to say we have accomplished a great deal on behalf of our clients and teams. While we reflect on these accomplishments, we are only at the beginning of our transformational journey.


Much of 2022 was in line with the macro themes we anticipated, such as continued volatility, aggressive central bank tightening measures and ongoing geopolitical tensions. As our 2023 Annual Investment Outlook: The Pivot and Beyond suggests, the financial markets landscape has been reshaped and we continue to monitor the downstream effects this historical tightening cycle will bring in addition to other key factors in the inflationary story such as impacts on corporate performance, employment growth and wages; particularly in North America.


As we usher in a new year, we maintain our cautious view in the face of economic and geopolitical uncertainty. We have full confidence in the team’s ability to continue to navigate this challenging time and in our ability to take advantage of opportunities that can arise during the expected volatility in 2023.


The past year was certainly an eventful one, and I anticipate the next four quarters of 2023 to be no different. We were proud to launch new investment strategies and services to expand our offering and meet the evolving needs of our clients. Of note, we partnered with Onex Partners and ONCAP to launch the Onex Private Equity Solution 2022 for Canadian accredited investors and welcomed a leading Canadian insurance advisory firm with expertise in tax and estate planning to our Wealth Planning team.


Over the course of the next several quarters, we will be focused on the technology and operations ecosystem at Gluskin Sheff. With several advancements in these areas, we’ll be able to address some of the pain points both our clients and employees experience currently.


Like any major and worthwhile change, this will take time, but I’m pleased to report we are already well underway, and clients can expect to see improvements over the coming months. On behalf of the entire team at Gluskin Sheff, we thank you for the opportunity to continue to work together to help you reach your goals.

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