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What Sets Us Apart

At Gluskin Sheff we have been thinking and investing unconventionally on behalf of our clients and ourselves since 1984.

Our team is built of leaders and innovative thinkers. From our focus on prudent wealth stewardship to exceptional client service and customized investment portfolios, we look after our clients in a way that is different from the rest of the crowd: separating asset allocation from security selection; building portfolios based on our unique marriage of rigorous company-specific analysis and top-down macroeconomic research; and introducing new strategies and asset classes before they are in vogue.

We are aligned. We invest alongside our clients, and are collectively among the largest investors in our own portfolios; we are collectively the largest shareholders of our firm; and we partner with our clients through performance-based fees.

David Rosenberg

Chief Economist & Strategist


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Nearly every business day since 1997, David Rosenberg has been distilling his latest economic insights into an incisive report, which is emailed to readers around the world as Breakfast with Dave. Since he joined Gluskin Sheff in early 2009, Breakfast with Dave’s following has grown significantly.

Subscribe to Gluskin Sheff Research and access all editions of Breakfast with Dave, which includes the daily Main and Summary editions, occasional Special and Free editions, and the Weekly Buffet with Dave; a summary of Dave’s top insights from the week released every Friday.

He has consistently nailed his economic projections
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