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Press Releases – 2009

Chief Economist & Strategist David Rosenberg Starts at Gluskin Sheff + Associates Inc.
Company Release - 05/13/2009 15:33
          Firm to launch economic reports featuring David Rosenberg

TORONTO, May 13 /CNW/ - David Rosenberg, one of North America's leading economists, has begun his appointment as Chief Economist & Strategist at Gluskin Sheff + Associates Inc., a Toronto-based wealth management firm.

"We are thrilled to welcome David Rosenberg to the Gluskin Sheff team," stated Jeremy Freedman, Deputy Chief Executive Officer. "David is a great addition to our investment team, which we believe is the strongest in our 25-year history. Despite the current difficult economic environment, we continue to invest in building our platform for the benefit of our clients."

"The past year has highlighted that understanding macro-economic trends has never been more important than it is today. Having David as part of our investment team is a terrific marriage of the skills which have led to our long-term track record of successfully identifying undervalued individual securities with David's proven ability to analyze and foresee global trends and opportunities", Freedman added.

"I am thrilled to join the Gluskin Sheff team - a team I have known for years," said David Rosenberg, Chief Economist & Strategist. "I chose to join Gluskin Sheff because of the Firm's unique and attractive wealth management platform, which includes close client relationships, a strong long-term track record and a diversified offering of investment strategies."

David Rosenberg is well known for his widely read economic commentaries, which offer insights into market trends. David was one of the first economists to warn of a U.S. housing market collapse and the ensuing consumer and financial market meltdowns. Gluskin Sheff will continue David's commentaries in the form of regular economic reports. To receive Gluskin Sheff's economic reports, please visit

Rosenberg joins Gluskin Sheff from his previous position as Managing Director, Chief North American Economist of Bank of America and former Chief North American Economist of Merrill Lynch. Prior to joining Merrill Lynch, David held senior positions at the Bank of Canada, BMO Nesbitt Burns and the Bank of Nova Scotia. At Gluskin Sheff, David will report to William (Bill) Webb, the Company's Deputy Chief Investment Officer.

Rosenberg has been recognized for his leadership and achievements in his field. He has ranked first in economics in the Brendan Wood International Survey for Canada for the past seven years. He was also on the U.S. Institutional Investors All American All star team for the last four years, placing second in the 2008 survey.


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    To receive Gluskin Sheff's economic reports featuring David Rosenberg,
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    David Rosenberg

    Chief Economist & Strategist


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    Nearly every business day since 1997, David Rosenberg has been distilling his latest economic insights into an incisive report, which is emailed to readers around the world as Breakfast with Dave. Since he joined Gluskin Sheff in early 2009, Breakfast with Dave’s following has grown significantly.

    Subscribe to Gluskin Sheff Research and access all editions of Breakfast with Dave, which includes the daily Main and Summary editions, occasional Special and Free editions, and the Weekly Buffet with Dave; a summary of Dave’s top insights from the week released every Friday.

    He has consistently nailed his economic projections
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